Add a little Spice to your life

Last week every day at breakfast I sat down to eat and then I got up and went into the kitchen and got the black pepper, ground it on my food and then put it back in the kitchen.

I started thinking about this strange habit we have gotten into since we moved into this condo a few years ago. The pepper is kept in the kitchen because we cook and we almost always use fresh ground black pepper, but we eat at the dining room table a few steps away from the kitchen.

So I ordered a SECOND pepper grinder to keep on the table! Not only did I get a new pepper grinder I got a salt grinder too and a little matching holder

Why did it take me so long? There are so many things we do just because we have always done them. Sometimes you really have to stop and examine your patterns and see if they still serve you.



One Reply to “Add a little Spice to your life”

  1. This is so true! Sometimes I have to force myself to do this, and then I am amazed that it has taken me forever to find the better way.

    Cute set!

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