Quality over Everything else

For those of you who know me personally you also probably have had me tell you, as well as the rest of everyone else on my social media, how much I love Pure Encapsulations They have been my go-to for vitamins and supplements for years.

Well it finally happened, a couple of weeks ago I could not find a source to buy my favorite product!

I love this stuff! Then I finally ordered it from some random place on the internet and FedEx lost my package. While I was waiting for Fed Ex to give me my stuff I kept investigating trying to find a source, you see Pure Encapsulations isn’t a direct to consumer product, you have to go through a healthcare practitioner. While I was struggling to find a loophole it hit me like a lightbulb, I AM A HEALTHCARE PROVIDER!!

So, did the paperwork set up my own account and TADA!!!


They have so many products that I did not even know about! I can’t say enough about how helpful they were to me as well as I worked through this. I wish I had done this years ago!

Just one more reason

So many environmental causes for disease.

Usually I don’t do links without context but this one is important.

Know what you’re putting in your body.


Just a little personal story

Personally speaking, which is really the only way I am good at speaking I have been super unhealthy for a while now.

I have been gaining weight for the last six months or so. I went from a perfectly steady weight for almost two years to gaining weekly. It all started from being sick. I had an infection that really knocked me down. I went from being very active to being very sedentary.Also through I series of events my daily activity was no longer being tracked automatically by my garmin.

Then I stopped tracking my food. After 10 years of tracking food and seeing what I eat written out on a screen in front of me, I stopped.

I thought that I was making decent choices and was at the point of thinking maybe something more nefarious going on.

I have recently realized I am at the point of my not being comfortable in my own skin which is terrible. I worked too hard to let that happen, shame on me.

Until this week. This week everything went back on track and it became quickly apparent what the problem was.

Oh My Goodness hadn’t I slid down a bad slope.

My net caloric intake went from about 900-1200 to over 2000. The food that I eat has not changed drastically but it has changed. I have removed a large portion of the bulky healthy fresh food and replaced it with processed unhealthier food.

For me accountability is key.I am very imaginative and this includes telling myself stories about how wonderful my choices are. Technology tells a different story, I just needed to be willing to honestly look at it.

Eggs – Nutrition – Vegetarian

Eggs and Cheese are two words that can start chaos in a discussion with Vegetarian vs Vegan.

Cheese is bad. Period. Cheese is bad.

Eggs….well….that’s a little different. There is a lot of nutritional value in eggs, especially if you are not able to eat a large variety or quantity of food, such as while in the midst of chemo. But is the nutritional value worth the potential health risks? I think the best I can do for you is tell you to educate yourself and make your own decisions.

Now when it comes to being a vegetarian, which I am,  who interacts with a lot of Vegans, which I do, it is a whole different issue. I became a vegetarian because of the way we treat animals. I don’t want to put something in my body that lived a terrible tortured life. I just don’t. I don’t buy eggs because the chickens live a short life of hell.

Now let me show you these.

These eggs come from some extremely happy, well loved, spoiled as hell chickens. These chickens have wonderful lives and have been taken care of like pets since they were one day old. How do I know that? I was there! I went with my daughter to buy these chickens and she adores them.

So, these eggs I will eat and I don’t feel like I am setting myself up for karmic retribution.

Magnesium Supplementation for Headaches and other pains

I avoid supplements. My goal is to get the optimum nutrition from food not pills. There are so many unknowns about why certain vitamins and minerals work the way they do but one of the knowns is that they always work better when taken in their natural food forms. It’s thought that it’s about the other unknown minerals and vitamins that are in the foods and the way they interact.

The two exceptions to that for me personally have always been Vitamin B – because I am a vegetarian, and Glutamine Powder – because my digestive system has been tortured by years of chemotherapy and radiation and now antibiotics. Now I must add a third.

I get headaches. From everything, all the time. I get sinus headaches, I get cluster headaches from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, I use to get migraines, but now I get vestibular migraines. Less pain, more roller coaster effect. I get headaches from lack of sleep, I get headaches from too much sugar. Well you get the idea. I have long complicated routines to avoid headaches and treat the ones I do get. Sometimes they fail.

A couple of weeks ago I had a run of 6 days waking up at three or four am every morning with a slicing terrible headache. My son gets headaches too, sorry for that genetic fun I passed along, and one morning I was complaining to him about mine. I was just tired.

He asked if I took magnesium supplements. He told me his neurologist who is a headache specialist recommended magnesium to him. I said no, but I would maybe try it. He came out five minutes later with a bottle of magnesium. I knew it would be a good fit because they were giant purple pills. I do love purple.

Even my Headaches are purple

I did a little research, (here is always my first round of research – WebMD )and found that magnesium is especially effective for people going through chemotherapy. WHAT? Also, people who have had long term antibiotic use frequently suffer from Magnesium deficiency. Did I mention I was on antibiotics during this last round of headaches? I popped a magnesium, and then another before I went to bed.

If you look at the WebMD site, there is an amazing list of possible uses for Magnesium.

Woke up at 7am, yes 7 freakin’am with no headache. What???? Gotta be a a fluke. So, I started taking the magnesium every night before I went to bed. For six days no headache. None. I also slept harder than I normally do, which I didn’t actually like. Last night my sister told me she takes magnesium to help her fall asleep. I do not have any problems falling asleep so I decided to skip last nights magnesium and switch to mornings.

Woke up at 3am with a headache!

So, this is my recommendation for a Magnesium supplement and what I will be purchasing today, and taking forever more.

This is a brand I trust.

I have spent a little time wandering all my favorite sources for information and it does seem as if I am a prime candidate for magnesium deficiency, and I could find little downside to taking oral magnesium. If you have any of the issues listed, why not try it?




The Big Game

I have spent some time researching and reflecting which is a perfect winter activity in my opinion  on how patterns are created. Specifically eating and nutrition patterns.

The easiest way for me to make a change in my daily pattern is to set a specific goal for a specific time period and then use a physical tracking system. My personal favorite is good old-fashioned stickers on a calendar. It adds the element of competition to any changes I am making which gives me that extra little push.  I do love games and challenges.


I want to integrate this style into Holistic Nutrition Counseling for certain types of clients but I dislike the thought of trying something new on someone who is putting in the time and effort to meet with me and get help. They deserve better than that. I think I will offer a free three session package to someone who meets the criteria. Maybe I will create it as a giveaway on Facebook and here and do a random draw.

I think it’s okay to work out the details on a live person as long as they know what they’re in for!


Who are you? 👀

I have been thinking this week about what causes people to contact me.  There is almost always a trigger., something that pushes them out of their comfort zone and prompts them reaching out.  It is almost always a health issue, either theirs or a close family member.

I have a set of forms that I request people fill out before we meet, basic medical information with a few questions that helpme pinpoint their motivation and personality. There is also a food journal. I ask them to give me a list of everything they ate for two or three days.  Can you guess which form people have the most trouble with? Definitely by far the food journal. I think there are a couple of different reasons and both of them tell me a lot about the personality of the person, which helps me to work with them.

Some people just do not want to take the time to write things down. It is too much trouble to list things.

Others feel like they will be judged by what they write down. They do not want people to know how badly they eat, or in what quantities they eat.

Here is my unsolicited advice to you! If you are that 1st personality type, the kind who is just too busy to write things down, you need a strict meal plan. Like Weight Watchers or one of the healthy mail order plans.*. Don’t buy food you shouldn’t eat even if you share your house with others,  and set firm timelines for yourself. 6 weeks firmly committed to a plan to give yourself every opportunity to see how it works.

If you are the 2nd type, you need a slower more supported approach. A group like Weight Watchers may still work for you but it will be much easier for you to find a reason to stop.  You need a collective of people who want you to succeed. This will be a lifetime commitment to your own health and well being.

You are cared about

Now is a good time to make the decision to be healthy and happy.


*No affiliation in any way but I really like Hello Fresh as a meal service


Add a little Spice to your life

Last week every day at breakfast I sat down to eat and then I got up and went into the kitchen and got the black pepper, ground it on my food and then put it back in the kitchen.

I started thinking about this strange habit we have gotten into since we moved into this condo a few years ago. The pepper is kept in the kitchen because we cook and we almost always use fresh ground black pepper, but we eat at the dining room table a few steps away from the kitchen.

So I ordered a SECOND pepper grinder to keep on the table! Not only did I get a new pepper grinder I got a salt grinder too and a little matching holder

Why did it take me so long? There are so many things we do just because we have always done them. Sometimes you really have to stop and examine your patterns and see if they still serve you.



Adding a Little Sunshine ☀️ may help Colorectal Cancer survivors Live Longer

A recent paper published by a team of researchers from Heidelberg Germany has revealed a correlation between lower life expectancy rates and vitamin D deficiencies in colorectal cancer patients. This is potentially very good news for colorectal cancer survivors as Vitamin D supplementation is widely available and considered safe.


The researchers reviewed studies that included a total of 7718 patients to find connections between Vitamin D levels and survival rates. The meta-analysis of 11 studies concluded that there is “robust evidence of an association between higher blood vitamin D concentrations and better survival in CRC (colorectal cancer) patients”. A meta-analysis study is done by combining and reviewing available data from previously conducted studies.


Vitamin D is produced by the body when skin is exposed to sunlight. It can also be found naturally in a few foods and in many common fortified foods. As people age they are less able to convert vitamin D and run a higher risk of Vitamin D deficiency. Colorectal Cancer is the third leading cause of cancer death in the USA. The majority of colorectal cancers are diagnosed in adults over the age of 50 so there is a greater chance of a preexisting Vitamin D deficiency. Side effects of cancer and cancer treatment frequently cause mobility and nutrition challenges which could also contribute to a vitamin deficiency.


The reviewers also conclude that further exploration should be done using a randomized trial. A randomized trial would allow for a random group participants to be given Vitamin D while the rest of the group would not. This would allow for an unbiased result showing the effects of Vitamin D supplementation on a group of patients with similar physical conditions.