Eggs – Nutrition – Vegetarian

Eggs and Cheese are two words that can start chaos in a discussion with Vegetarian vs Vegan.

Cheese is bad. Period. Cheese is bad.

Eggs….well….that’s a little different. There is a lot of nutritional value in eggs, especially if you are not able to eat a large variety or quantity of food, such as while in the midst of chemo. But is the nutritional value worth the potential health risks? I think the best I can do for you is tell you to educate yourself and make your own decisions.

Now when it comes to being a vegetarian, which I am,  who interacts with a lot of Vegans, which I do, it is a whole different issue. I became a vegetarian because of the way we treat animals. I don’t want to put something in my body that lived a terrible tortured life. I just don’t. I don’t buy eggs because the chickens live a short life of hell.

Now let me show you these.

These eggs come from some extremely happy, well loved, spoiled as hell chickens. These chickens have wonderful lives and have been taken care of like pets since they were one day old. How do I know that? I was there! I went with my daughter to buy these chickens and she adores them.

So, these eggs I will eat and I don’t feel like I am setting myself up for karmic retribution.

Any Thoughts?

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