Just a little personal story

Personally speaking, which is really the only way I am good at speaking I have been super unhealthy for a while now.

I have been gaining weight for the last six months or so. I went from a perfectly steady weight for almost two years to gaining weekly. It all started from being sick. I had an infection that really knocked me down. I went from being very active to being very sedentary.Also through I series of events my daily activity was no longer being tracked automatically by my garmin.

Then I stopped tracking my food. After 10 years of tracking food and seeing what I eat written out on a screen in front of me, I stopped.

I thought that I was making decent choices and was at the point of thinking maybe something more nefarious going on.

I have recently realized I am at the point of my not being comfortable in my own skin which is terrible. I worked too hard to let that happen, shame on me.

Until this week. This week everything went back on track and it became quickly apparent what the problem was.

Oh My Goodness hadn’t I slid down a bad slope.

My net caloric intake went from about 900-1200 to over 2000. The food that I eat has not changed drastically but it has changed. I have removed a large portion of the bulky healthy fresh food and replaced it with processed unhealthier food.

For me accountability is key.I am very imaginative and this includes telling myself stories about how wonderful my choices are. Technology tells a different story, I just needed to be willing to honestly look at it.

Any Thoughts?

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