Magnesium Supplementation for Headaches and other pains

I avoid supplements. My goal is to get the optimum nutrition from food not pills. There are so many unknowns about why certain vitamins and minerals work the way they do but one of the knowns is that they always work better when taken in their natural food forms. It’s thought that it’s about the other unknown minerals and vitamins that are in the foods and the way they interact.

The two exceptions to that for me personally have always been Vitamin B – because I am a vegetarian, and Glutamine Powder – because my digestive system has been tortured by years of chemotherapy and radiation and now antibiotics. Now I must add a third.

I get headaches. From everything, all the time. I get sinus headaches, I get cluster headaches from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, I use to get migraines, but now I get vestibular migraines. Less pain, more roller coaster effect. I get headaches from lack of sleep, I get headaches from too much sugar. Well you get the idea. I have long complicated routines to avoid headaches and treat the ones I do get. Sometimes they fail.

A couple of weeks ago I had a run of 6 days waking up at three or four am every morning with a slicing terrible headache. My son gets headaches too, sorry for that genetic fun I passed along, and one morning I was complaining to him about mine. I was just tired.

He asked if I took magnesium supplements. He told me his neurologist who is a headache specialist recommended magnesium to him. I said no, but I would maybe try it. He came out five minutes later with a bottle of magnesium. I knew it would be a good fit because they were giant purple pills. I do love purple.

Even my Headaches are purple

I did a little research, (here is always my first round of research – WebMD )and found that magnesium is especially effective for people going through chemotherapy. WHAT? Also, people who have had long term antibiotic use frequently suffer from Magnesium deficiency. Did I mention I was on antibiotics during this last round of headaches? I popped a magnesium, and then another before I went to bed.

If you look at the WebMD site, there is an amazing list of possible uses for Magnesium.

Woke up at 7am, yes 7 freakin’am with no headache. What???? Gotta be a a fluke. So, I started taking the magnesium every night before I went to bed. For six days no headache. None. I also slept harder than I normally do, which I didn’t actually like. Last night my sister told me she takes magnesium to help her fall asleep. I do not have any problems falling asleep so I decided to skip last nights magnesium and switch to mornings.

Woke up at 3am with a headache!

So, this is my recommendation for a Magnesium supplement and what I will be purchasing today, and taking forever more.

This is a brand I trust.

I have spent a little time wandering all my favorite sources for information and it does seem as if I am a prime candidate for magnesium deficiency, and I could find little downside to taking oral magnesium. If you have any of the issues listed, why not try it?




Any Thoughts?

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