Who are you? 👀

I have been thinking this week about what causes people to contact me.  There is almost always a trigger., something that pushes them out of their comfort zone and prompts them reaching out.  It is almost always a health issue, either theirs or a close family member.

I have a set of forms that I request people fill out before we meet, basic medical information with a few questions that helpme pinpoint their motivation and personality. There is also a food journal. I ask them to give me a list of everything they ate for two or three days.  Can you guess which form people have the most trouble with? Definitely by far the food journal. I think there are a couple of different reasons and both of them tell me a lot about the personality of the person, which helps me to work with them.

Some people just do not want to take the time to write things down. It is too much trouble to list things.

Others feel like they will be judged by what they write down. They do not want people to know how badly they eat, or in what quantities they eat.

Here is my unsolicited advice to you! If you are that 1st personality type, the kind who is just too busy to write things down, you need a strict meal plan. Like Weight Watchers or one of the healthy mail order plans.*. Don’t buy food you shouldn’t eat even if you share your house with others,  and set firm timelines for yourself. 6 weeks firmly committed to a plan to give yourself every opportunity to see how it works.

If you are the 2nd type, you need a slower more supported approach. A group like Weight Watchers may still work for you but it will be much easier for you to find a reason to stop.  You need a collective of people who want you to succeed. This will be a lifetime commitment to your own health and well being.

You are cared about

Now is a good time to make the decision to be healthy and happy.


*No affiliation in any way but I really like Hello Fresh as a meal service


2 Replies to “Who are you? 👀”

  1. I’m both. I hate writing it down but it really does open ones eyes to the truth about what a person is really eating.

    I really like the group meetings of WW (that is their new name, btw). But the thought of going to group during flu season scares the heck out me. Plus the cost of going and doing group and then paying for online access is irritating.

    1. There is a reason weight watchers has been around for so long, The group support concept just works.
      I have been logging my food for so many years. You would think I wouldn’t need to but I still look at it occasionally and think whoops, I’ve really slipped into some bad patterns

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