My Fitness Pal  -Track All of your food, all of the time if you really want to be honest with yourself

Nutrition Facts – One of my favorite sites to learn new things. Pick a medical condition, pick a food and watch a three or four minute video to get the facts.

Sample Seven Day Meal Plan – This is a meal plan with simple, convenient food to give you some ideas on what you should be eating.

Dairy – One Persons Story – Complete with pictures to show you what a difference dairy can make in your life and body

Cancer Connection of NWO, Inc. – I volunteer here and I promise you they only care about helping. A good place to start.

The Victory Center – Lots of nice services offered for free

The United Way – When in doubt, dial 411. Any question, any time. Just call and ask, you’ll be surprised what they can do for you.

Holistic Nutrition Counseling