The Big Game

I have spent some time researching and reflecting which is a perfect winter activity in my opinion  on how patterns are created. Specifically eating and nutrition patterns.

The easiest way for me to make a change in my daily pattern is to set a specific goal for a specific time period and then use a physical tracking system. My personal favorite is good old-fashioned stickers on a calendar. It adds the element of competition to any changes I am making which gives me that extra little push.  I do love games and challenges.


I want to integrate this style into Holistic Nutrition Counseling for certain types of clients but I dislike the thought of trying something new on someone who is putting in the time and effort to meet with me and get help. They deserve better than that. I think I will offer a free three session package to someone who meets the criteria. Maybe I will create it as a giveaway on Facebook and here and do a random draw.

I think it’s okay to work out the details on a live person as long as they know what they’re in for!


Any Thoughts?

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